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Includes access to whole course and 1-on-1 sessions with Kelli for personalized guidance.

This is a 12 Week program where you embark on a journey that will support you in defining, designing, testing, and living into your dream.  You will create the seed of your dream, and then prepare, cultivate, and weed the soil to give that seed the very best change of growing into the life you have imagined.

The 12 Week Program Includes:

  1. Defining Your Dream:  What is Within You is Greater Than Anything in Your Surroundings and Defining What You Really Want

  2. Testing Your Dream:  Discovering Whether Your Dream is Right for You

  3. Increasing Your Sense of Deserving

  4. Befriending Your Fear

  5. Activating the Law of Circulation Through Giving

  6. Changing Your Perceptions

  7. Setting Yourself Free Through the Practice of Forgiveness

  8. Listening to the Still, Small Voice

  9. Creating a Support System

  10. Training Your Mind

  11. Turning Failure From a Stumbling Block to a Stepping Stone

  12. Harvesting Your Dream

Dream Builder

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