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About Kelli

Kelli’s focus is to help people give themselves the gift of transformation.  Everyone is precious and their lives have meaning beyond what they currently see.  With Kelli’s background in business, law, and family matters plus her extensive experience in transformational growth and development, she is well situated to be of assistance regardless of what your needs are.


Kelli has studied with many well-known spiritual teachers and thought leaders over the years including Mary Morrisey, Bob Proctor, Natalie Ledwell, and Christopher Penzchak.  She is also the author of Sidestepping the 12 Steps.  This book shows you how to use metaphysical principles to move beyond addiction. She is currently working on a second edition which will address the changes that have occurred since 2020. 


Kelli is also a gifted international Tarot Card Reader and a Spiritual Addiction Coach who looks forward to sharing her wisdom and intuitive insights with you so that you can transform your life regardless of what your current circumstances may be.

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Our Mission

Our vision is to significantly improve the quality of people's lives by elevating the quality of their thoughts. We do this by educating and empowering our clients through products and services as well as offering events that expand awareness.

Living your life fully is not simply a goal, but it is a frame of mind. You have the ability to harness and construct the successes and achievements in your life that you want to attain. At How to Live Your Life Fully, LLC, we are committed to providing you with consulting programs for personal development that can help you get the results you want out of your life.

By implementing our specially tailored programs, you build a foundation for change that becomes rooted in your everyday life. We work with you to cultivate a lifestyle and mindset that generates permanent changes in your life that are progressive and positive. Contact us today to get started on your journey towards a more fulfilled and successful self.

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