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White Sand and Stone

Spiritual Development Course

This 1-on-1 course helps you create the life you really want by understanding and applying the laws of the universe. Like gravity, these laws are always at work in your life, dictating the results you get each day.

This course is for people who are interested in the Law of Attraction, anyone who wants to know more about Universal Laws, and everyone looking to improve their life.

​This course includes 10 individual training sessions:

  1. Law of Thinking and Understanding how your mind works

  2. Law of Attraction and Law of Supply

  3. Law of Increase and Law of Receiving

  4. Law of Compensation and Law of Forgiveness

  5. Law of Non-Resistance and Law of Obedience

  6. Law of Success and Law of Sacrifice

  7. Your Magic Toolkit, part 1

  8. Your Magic Toolkit, part 2

  9. Your Magic Tookkit, part 3

  10. Putting It All Together

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