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The Essence of Recovery

Updated: Jan 28

recovery is all about balancing your body, mind and spirit

Recovery means healing. According to Webster’s dictionary, recovery means a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. The Sanskrit word for health is “swastha” which means “to be established in one’s own essential nature or natural state”. According to Ayurvedic sage Sushruta, true health manifests through a state of balance in all the dimensions of human existence – body, mind and soul. Recovery is a state of balance and it recognizes that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Unfortunately, in mainstream Western medicine a person is seen as a patient, and a patient is often no more than an ailing lung or peaking lipid profile. Western medicine classifies the human body into body and brain dismissing the issue of spirituality altogether. Furthermore, the mainstream Western medical system has hijacked the word recovery and limits its application to only substance abuse. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When our body, mind or soul is out of balance, we are in a state of disarray. Our search for relief from this imbalance can come in many forms such as toxic self-talk, harmful use of substances, avoidance activities, or even aggression towards others. None of these activities create the harmony or the balance that is necessary for healing.

Becoming whole is the overarching goal of healing and any type of recovery program…whether it is recovering from a relationship with others or with yourself, must take into account your spiritual dimension.

Self-development programs can help you unlock the secrets to living in a balanced state as they can bring enlightenment which will help remove the blocks you are experiencing. They manifest results which are in harmony with wholeness and health. Did you know that some people live the same year of life 80 times whereas others live 80 years of life…the question is which do you create?

Let me give you a quick overview on the creative process and how things really work.

Did you know your mind thinks in pictures? If I say elephant – what comes to mind? How about your car? Or chocolate cake? How about if I said sploot? Hmm…sploot may have stumped you because you have never seen a sploot? What if I told you it was when a dog lies down with its back legs spread out? Now, you have a picture right?

When I say the mind or consciousness…what happens? No picture. If you thought your mind was your brain. It isn’t. Your brain is an electrical system. You see in order to change your results, you need to change your mind and you can’t change something that you can’t picture.

It was Thurman Fleet, a chiropractor living in San Antonio Texas who developed a picture of the mind/body in 1934. You see Dr. Thurman, realized he was treating symptoms instead of the real causes. Our results are like symptoms - they aren’t the real causes. Dr. Fleet’s graphic representation is what is called the Stick Person.

You see we have a Mind and a body. If you notice the Mind is bigger than the body because the mind controls the body. The body is just the instrument of the mind. We live on three planes of understanding simultaneously. We are a spiritual being. We have intellect. We live in body.

The mind can be divided into 2 parts: The conscious mind which is also your thinking mind. The other part is the subconscious mind which is also called your emotional mind or your feeling mind. Now it is the subconscious mind that controls your body…meaning your behavior and it is your behavior that produces results. So, what you are thinking and feeling is expressed through your physical body.

Now, your conscious mind receives information from your five senses. And we are programmed to ONLY use these five senses. In other words, we are programmed to only focus on outside conditions. Then we have been programmed to view these outside conditions in a certain way. For example, if I have poor sales, I am a poor salesperson, if I lose in court, I am a bad lawyer, if I get a F in a subject, I am a failure.

All of these outside programs are running in your subconscious mind automatically. In other words, they are on auto-pilot. You were programmed genetically and then environmentally from birth. Your subconscious mind does not have the ability to reject ideas. It accepts everything it receives. Your conscious mind does have the ability to reject ideas but unless you knew to reject it, it went straight into your subconscious programming. Quite a mess huh?

Well, this little stick person is a magic genie because by seeing what is really happening, you have the power to change it.

You see, power known as energy is flowing to you and through you all the time. It comes into your mind, your consciousness. It’s that big circle and you have the ability to accept or reject an idea. That is called using your higher mental faculty of reason. You also have the ability to create an idea. That is another higher mental faculty called imagination. In fact there are six higher mental faculties that you can use –reason, imagination, will, perception, memory and intuition. Now, your imagination can be used to create dreams, to see yourself doing what you love to be or do. You can plant a dream into your conscious mind. As you continue to think about, go over and over in your mind, you get emotionally attached to it. Now, what is happening is that this energy (the energy from you thinking about your dream and feeling being a part of this dream) is then expressed through your body. What you are actually doing is changing the vibration of your body. When you change the vibration of your body, your actions change. When your actions change, the universe reacts to that and alters the results you see.

Your mind is movement of that energy and your body is the manifestation of that movement. You can use what are called your higher mental faculties to create the results you want.

In school we are not taught to use any of these higher faculties. We are taught how to repeat back what we have read. That is not thinking and that does not lead into the results you want to get.

A lot of you may have heard about the law of attraction and tossed it aside because it didn’t work. Well, the law of attraction is the secondary law. The primary law is vibration. And until you change the subconscious programming, (I call it your paradigms) it won’t work because you attract what you are a vibrational match for.

To achieve a permanent change, you have to change what is going on in your subconscious mind.

My work as a spiritual life coach is about helping people make significant improvements in their lives after years of getting the same results.

Becoming whole is the overarching goal of healing and any type of recovery program…whether it is recovering from a relationship with others or with yourself. You need to want to give yourself the gift of transformation. You will need to move beyond what you are currently thinking, feeling and doing in order to change yourself. My programs are an investment you make in yourself in order to live your life fully. Why not schedule a free consultation to see which program would make the most sense for your future growth?

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